Vacuum table - Ral Pro Series

Vacuum table - Ral Pro Series

The RAL PRO vacuum table is manufactured from solid aluminium and is trued on both sides.

As a result the maximum possible strength and freedom from distortion are guaranteed on heating (no bi-metallic effect).

This vacuum-clamping technology guarantees a clamping force which is four to five times higher than when using a vacuum cleaner or side channel compressor.

At the same time, it puts minimum demand on the vacuum pump since the system can be held constantly sealed during processing - even in case of through-milling!

For example, when delineating individual segments using foam rubber cord, the workpiece rests directly on the aluminium surface of the vacuum table. As a result, the maximum possible precision in the direction of the Z-axis is achieved. Simultaneously, the best results are achieved as regards surface composition for cut edges, because of the resulting lack of vibration.

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If you want to process particularly small workpieces, adapter mats are used which include bore holes at geometrically appropriate positions, and thus hold the work piece securely during machining as well as sealing the tool path. These mats can be made of various materials and are also trued where particular dimensional accuracy is required.

By using this technology, you can mill out aluminium work pieces the size of a 1 cent coin, or spectacle arms from sheets of buffalo horn or accurately profile ornaments from plywood or simply just mill out name badges.

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