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Diameter: 6.9mmType: 810505 Heavy Duty TiN Coated Cobalt Jobber DrillOverall length: 109.0mmCutting ..
£2.44 ex tax
Diameter: 10.0mmType: 308201 Multi Flute Long SeriesOverall length: 82.5mmCutting length: 37.0mmShan..
£5.30 ex tax
Specifications:Measurements: 970 x 405 x 42 mmClamp and mill work pieces fast and easyBoth sides mag..
£6,650.00 ex tax
Diameter: 3.0mmType: NC Spotting DrillOverall length: 46.0mmLength of cut: 12.0mmShank diameter: 3 ..
£3.31 ex tax
Diameter: 3.5mmType: 129102 Long Length FC3 CutterOverall length: 41mmCutting length: 10mmShank type..
£4.09 ex tax
Diameter: 7.1mmType: 820502 Heavy Duty Cobalt Stub Drill Overall length: 74mmCutting length: 34mmMa..
£2.10 ex tax
A cast aluminium T-slot plate manufactured in a compact design. The slots are made for standard M6 n..
£76.00 ex tax
Diameter: 6.0mmType: 820902 Heavy Duty Cobalt Long Series DrillOverall length: 139mmCutting length: ..
£2.51 ex tax
Diameter: 3.4mmType: 804323 2 Fluted Through Coolant DrillOverall length: 66mmCutting length: 28mmSh..
£29.44 ex tax
The Vacuum table VT5030 R is quick and easy to tension and machine work pieces. Milled flat on..
£198.00 ex tax
Diameter: 7.4mmType: 800303 Carbide Stub DrillOverall length: 74mm Cutting length: 34mmShank type: S..
£16.84 ex tax
Our aluminium grade (5083) 200100 t-slot plate has a smooth underside and can be easily suctioned on..
£1,611.00 ex tax
Diameter: 12.5mmType: 820702 Heavy Duty Cobalt Jobber DrillOverall length: 151.0mmCutting length: 10..
£8.95 ex tax