T-pipe Quick Connector

T-pipe Quick Connector
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Diameter: 3.3mmType: 800303 Carbide Stub DrillOverall length: 49mm Cutting length: 18mmShank type: S..
£4.46 ex tax
Diameter: 11.5mm Type: 808323 2 Fluted Carbide DrillOverall length: 118mmCutting length: 71mm Shank ..
£42.30 ex tax
To cover free holesFor vacuum tables 20165 piece..
£7.00 ex tax
A cast aluminium T-slot plate manufactured in a compact design. The slots are made for standard M6 n..
£189.00 ex tax
Specifications: Measurement: 910 x 470 x 51 mmClamp and mill workpieces fast and easyMachined from ..
£6,800.00 ex tax
The VT4030 SEAL vacuum table can be operated either with a dedicated vacuum pump or with a decent va..
£144.00 ex tax
Diameter: 4.5mmType: 129102 Long Length FC3 CutterOverall length: 42mmCutting length: 11mmShank type..
£4.09 ex tax
Diameter: 13.0mmType: : 810504 HSS TiN Coated Jobber DrillOverall length: 151.0mmCutting length: 101..
£5.98 ex tax
The vacuum pad VP66 HPC features extremely high holding force by a combination of vacuum and adheisi..
£26.00 ex tax
Specifications: Measurement: 780 x 600 x 51 mmClamp and mill workpieces fast and easyMachined from ..
£7,580.00 ex tax
Diameter: 8.3mmType: 820902 Heavy Duty Cobalt Long Series DrillOverall length: 165mmCutting length: ..
£4.15 ex tax
Diameter: 11.0mmType: 804323 2 Fluted Through Coolant DrillOverall length: 118mmCutting length: 71mm..
£56.20 ex tax
Diameter: 22.0mm Type 4 Fluted Autolock End Mill 307201 Quantity 1 off Overall Length 98.5mm Cuttin..
£22.97 ex tax
Specifications: Material: Aluminum Clamping Dimensions: 310 x 220 mm External dimensions: 330 x 240 ..
£226.00 ex tax