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Technical details: 93% vacuum (high differential pressure) 10 m / h suction volume (high volume) ..
£170.00 ex tax
Technical details: 93% vacuum 14 m / h suction volume 385 lpm at 6 bar Operating pressure is 5 b..
£189.00 ex tax
These high-quality liquid separators are suitable for keeping liquids away from vacuum pumps. The se..
£270.00 ex tax
This table can be operated with either a dedicated vacuum pump or a standard vacuum cleaner. An adju..
£70.00 ex tax
To create an adapter matFor vacuum tables 80505 piece..
£162.00 ex tax
Specifications: Material: Aluminium External dimensions: 617 x 614 mm Clamping Dimensions: 600 x 600..
£1,003.00 ex tax
To cover free holesFor vacuum tables 100605 piece..
£108.00 ex tax
Specifications: Material: polyethylene, aluminum External dimensions: 410 x 300 mm Clamping Dimensio..
£108.00 ex tax
A cast aluminium T-slot plate manufactured in a compact design. The slots are made for standard M6 n..
£48.00 ex tax
Electro magnetic milling chuck - QuadExtra 610 New
Specifications: Measurement: 910 x 600 x 51 mmClamp and mill workpieces fast and easyMachined from ..
£9,150.00 ex tax