Liquid Ring Pumps

Liquid Ring Pumps

The liquid ring pump is a very useful device in the machining centre. It allows the machinist to work with fluids on all their parts be it mist cooling or full flood cooling through the spindle or water jets.

The L.S.V.U pump unique to Vacuum Tables UK is a clever pump. The pump with three hose connections. One hose is placed in one side of the machines coolant reservoir, the other known as the return hose is simply placed in the other side of the reservoir. Finally the last hose is connected through a filter to your vacuum table manifold.

When the pump is turned on it utilises the fluid from your machines coolant reservoir in two ways. Firstly the coolant acts to keep the vacuum motor cool during operation and secondly to create the vacuum inside the pump which in turn provides the vacuum to your table.

With our vacuum pumps unlike many on the market there is no need for an expensive liquid separator to remove the swarf from the coolant when your machine is working. With our pumps there is an inbuilt filter already fixed to the housing of the pump body.

As the swarf is drawn towards the pump the filter removes any damaging particles such as metal chips and then returns the coolant back to the pump where it is expelled back to the machining centre through the return rose back to your machining centre for reuse. So creating a circuit.

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