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Vacuum manifold VVT12

Vacuum manifold VVT12


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High-quality materials and precision manufacturing make this vacuum manifold to a robust and reliable tool for daily use in industry and commerce.

He is used to control vacuum chambers. It can be used for a single large table with vacuum chambers 12, or are divided by a plurality of vacuum tables to operate with only one vacuum pump.

This is a meaningful vote and sizing requirement.

Kugelhähne: 12
Hose connections: 8.3 "- 1"
Pump connection: max. 2 "
Additional functions: pressure gauge, wall holder

Included in delivery:
Delivered is a vacuum manifold VVT12 with 12 ball valves, hose connections 12, vacuum connection, manometer and wall bracket.

Please give when ordering in the comments box, which should have the size ports on your distributor.

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