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Vacuum Tables UK

Vacuum table VT8050 GAL

Vacuum table VT8050 GAL


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Material: Aluminum

External dimensions: 816 x 516 mm

Clamping Dimensions: 800 x 500 mm

Height: 27 mm

Holes: 0.3 mm holes, 10 x 10 mm height

Standard OD 12 mm hose connections for adapter mat

Trimming spare: 4 mm

Vacuum chambers: 5

Circumferential clamping base


Vacuum table VT 8050 GAL

1 pcs vacuum manifold

1 pcs hole rubber matt

1 Rubber cover

1 set of connecting hose

Technical Data
MaterialCast Aluminium
External dimensions (mm)816 x 516
Clamping dimensions (mm)800 x 500 x 27
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