Aluminium pull down clamp

Aluminium pull down clamp
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LG4030- hole rubber mat for 4030Here you can order 5 spare hole rubber mats for the vacuum table 403..
£44.00 ex tax
Diameter: 9.0mmType: : 810504 HSS TiN Coated Jobber DrillOverall length: 125.0mmCutting length: 81.0..
£3.01 ex tax
Diameter: 1.7mmType: 804323 2 Fluted Through Coolant DrillOverall length: 55mmCutting length: 16mmSh..
£23.74 ex tax
Diameter: 10.75mmType: 820502 Heavy Duty Cobalt Stub Drill Overall length: 95mmCutting length: 47mm..
£6.11 ex tax
Diameter: 4.0mmType: 128102 FC3 CutterOverall length: 38mmCutting length:.7mmShank type: Flatted Sha..
£2.71 ex tax
Diameter: 3.3mm Type: 808323 2 Fluted Carbide DrillOverall length: 66mmCutting length: 28mm Shank ty..
£17.21 ex tax
Our aluminium grade (5083) 10040 t-slot plate has a smooth underside and can be easily suctioned on ..
£319.00 ex tax
10 metres of 3/4" connection hose..
£41.00 ex tax
Diameter: 8.6mmType: 800303 Carbide Stub DrillOverall length: 84mm Cutting length: 40mmShank type: S..
£25.22 ex tax
Diameter: 20.0mmType: NC Spotting DrillOverall length: 131.0mmLength of cut: 40.0mmShank diameter: ..
£23.68 ex tax
Diameter: 9.3mm Type: 808323 2 Fluted Carbide DrillOverall length: 103mmCutting length: 61mm Shank t..
£27.22 ex tax
Made from solid Aluminium the T-Track 1500mm is for installation at a workbench or machine for ..
£60.00 ex tax