Pneumatic Clamp & Equipment

Pneumatic Clamp & Equipment
Diameter: 2.2mmType: 800303 Carbide Stub DrillOverall length: 40mm Cutting length: 13mmShank type: S..
£3.31 ex tax
Diameter: 4.0mmType: 128102 FC3 CutterOverall length: 38mmCutting length:.7mmShank type: Flatted Sha..
£2.71 ex tax
Our aluminium grade (5083) 10060 t-slot plate has a smooth underside and can be easily suctioned on ..
£477.00 ex tax
The Vacuum table VT5020 R is quick and easy and immediately ready for use. Just attach, connect the ..
£148.00 ex tax
Specifications: Material: Aluminium External dimensions: 617 x 614 mm Clamping Dimensions: 600 x 600..
£1,003.00 ex tax
10 meters of foam rubber, 4mm in diameter. Suitable for all RAL vacuum tables tables and vacuum p..
£12.00 ex tax
Diameter: 4.6mmType: : 810504 HSS TiN Coated Jobber DrillOverall length: 80.0mmCutting length: 47.0m..
£0.98 ex tax
LG12080 - hole rubber mat for 12080Here you can order 5 spare hole rubber mats for the vacuum table ..
£207.00 ex tax
Diameter: 9.8mmType: 810505 Heavy Duty TiN Coated Cobalt Jobber DrillOverall length: 133.0mmCutting ..
£5.08 ex tax
Made from C45 grade steel the 2020 t-slot plate has a smooth underside and can be easily suctioned o..
£99.00 ex tax
Diameter: 7.5mmType: 308201 Multi Flute Long SeriesOverall length: 79.5mmCutting length: 34.0mmShank..
£6.17 ex tax
Our finely milled steel 5050 t-slot plate is finished to the highest quality and exacting standards...
£1,234.00 ex tax
Specifications: Measurement: 780 x 400 x 51 mmClamp and mill workpieces fast and easyMachined from ..
£4,780.00 ex tax