Vacuum Pads and Vacuum Cups

Vacuum Pads and Vacuum Cups
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Our vacuum pads and cups are single tools which, in principle, everyone can make up their own vacuum table.

They are suited both for wood and metal processing. They can be used on CNC machines, upright drill presses, with a routing machine or simply on the workbench.

A great advantage of the vacuum pads on a CNC machine is the separation distance between T-slot tables and workpieces.

This enables the use of drills with tip angles for through-boring or screw taps which otherwise would damage the substrate because of their cutting face.

Even backward-deburring of the lower edges is feasible with the aid of these practical little helpers.

In spite of this, it should be ensured that the pads are always positioned so that, during drilling through the workpiece, none are contacted.

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Diameter: 4.6mm Type 802323 Carbide TiALN Coated Gold DrillOverall length: 58mmCutting length: 24mmS..
£8.11 ex tax
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£23.74 ex tax
Diameter: 3.5mm Type 802323 Carbide TiALN Coated Gold DrillOverall length: 52mmCutting length: 20mmS..
£6.76 ex tax
You get 5 piece mat with an edge length of 1000 mm x 600 mm..
£108.00 ex tax
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£0.62 ex tax
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£984.00 ex tax
To cover free holesFor vacuum tables 120805 piece..
£171.00 ex tax
Diameter: 12.75mmType: 820502 Heavy Duty Cobalt Stub Drill Overall length: 102mmCutting length: 51m..
£10.60 ex tax
To create an adapter matFor vacuum tables 60605 piece..
£145.00 ex tax