Vacuum Pumps and Generators

Vacuum Pumps and Generators
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We sell a range of industrial CNC vacuum pumps and generators such as; liquid ring, dry running, vane type, Becker pumps, oil lubricated and side channel blowers.

A vacuum pump choice is often one of the most difficult aspects when building a CNC vacuum system, but it needn't be with a little help from us.

All our vacuum pumps are covered by a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Liquid ring pumps

Are particularly suitable for machining with large amounts of coolant, as they combine both a vacuum pump and liquid separator.

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Dry-running, vane type rotating pumps

Can be used for wet machining, if a liquid separator is also added but for flood cooling a liquid ring pump is recommended.

They are however very low maintenance because they do not require lubrication.

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Oil lubricated, vane type rotating pumps

Provide very high vacuum. Higher than a dry-running pump but they do require some maintenance and regular oil checks. The main application of these pumps is for dry cutting.

Again these pumps should be used with a liquid separator if they are to be used with quantities of coolant.

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Side channel blowers

Offer very high suction at relatively low pressure.

These pumps are particularly suited to machining where there is a high level of air leakage and for large workpieces.

Centrifugal blowers provide more suction volume than side channel blower. But the downside is that the pressure is very low.

Compressed air powered vacuum generators which work on the 'Venturi Principle' offer a price advantage over a dedicated vacuum pump for customers who don't have a high usage requirement.

However if you plan to use it for long periods day in and day out it makes more financial sense to invest in a dedicated Vacuum pump.

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If you are unsure as to what vacuum pump will be right for you or need any help just drop us an email or contact us direct and we will be certain to be able to help you.

Specifications: Material: Aluminum External dimensions: 520 x 520 mm Clamping Dimensions: 500 x 500 ..
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You get 5 piece mat with an edge length of 800 mm x 500 mm..
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Our "big block" steel 8020 t-slot plate has a smooth underside and can be easily suctioned on to a v..
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This table can be operated either with a dedicated vacuum pump or with a decent vacuum cleaner. An a..
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To cover free holesFor vacuum tables 60605 piece..
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Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 1 mm Thickness tolerance: /- 0.01 mm Scope of delivery: 1 mat..
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The vacuum table VT2020 SEAL can be operated either with a dedicated vacuum pump or with a decent va..
£66.00 ex tax
A cast aluminium T-slot plate manufactured in a compact design. The slots are made for standard M6 n..
£139.00 ex tax
Our "big block" steel 2020 t-slot plate has a smooth underside and can be easily suctioned on to a v..
£189.00 ex tax
To cover free holesFor vacuum tables 30305 piece..
£18.00 ex tax