Oil-lubricated, vane-type rotating pumps

Oil-lubricated, vane-type rotating pumps

Oil lubricated rotary vane pumps are the ideal vacuum generator for high performance in vacuum clamping.

The main advantages  are economical and environmentally friendly.

Our oil lubricated vacuum pumps are characterized by a low energy consumption and relatively low sound with a very high vacuum of 99.95%.

This leads to a clearly measurable increase in holding power, meaning that even with leakage the increased pressure means less chance of losing your workpiece.

With a solid construction and permanently lubricated bearings the oil cooled motor guarantees a long working life with low maintenance.

As noise and heat generation at the operator position can be a problem you usually want the vacuum pump positioned as far away from the control station as possible.

With that in mind we supply a 4 m cable complete with a switching device so you can safely operate the vacuum pump away from your machining centre.

You can fix the switching box with 2 screws to a wall or suitable fixture.

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