Automatic liquid separator AFA202
Modern cutting machines use to cool workpieces during machining in general, large amounts of coolants. Since you do not want to do without the use of vacuum clamping technology for many processing tasks, a safe and highly efficient device for recovery of these fluids is required. Right here is the main use of AFA202. By means of this device it is able to suck the liquid, air or any mixture ratio of air and liquid through a vacuum chuck. The integrated level measurement automatically adjusts the system to the required operating function, without requiring the user to take care of it. The separator consists of two atmospheric vessels and separable from each other as can push the liquid with the compressed air back into the processing simultaneous deposition during the ongoing machining operation, a high degree of flexibility can be achieved. Many, particularly long-running processing tasks can be implemented more efficiently and economically than any other method. The main advantages of AFA202 at a glance Automatic recovery during continuous vacuum operation Protect the vacuum pump by means of automatic adaptation to the operating situation very compact design robust aluminum welded construction powder coated compatible with all our dry running vacuum pumps very low energy consumption, about 25 watts no electric fluid pump required low air consumption, max. approximately 50 l / min, depending on the processing also significantly lessTechnical data: 500 l / h of liquid delivery 230 V 50 Hz, 25 watts Air consumption max. 50l / minThe system includes an automatic liquid AFA202 is the right one for your vacuum pump connections, pressure gauge and drain hose.Please specify when ordering in the comments box, which size should have the connections. When ordering a complete system you erhaten course, all matched to one another, so that you can put the system into operation immediately

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Automatic liquid separator AFA202

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