DIY VacEasy Series

DIY VacEasy Series

The VacEasy series are ideal for entering the world of vacuum clamping and CNC machining

Each set complete complete with all you need to get started, including:

  • Easy clamping, cutting and machining of wood, plastic or light metal
  • Easily and extensively extensible
  • Can be used on the local workbench as well as in crafts, in industry and on CNC machines
  • Robust steel thread for attaching accessories
  • M6 thread on all four outsides e.g. for workpiece stops
  • Connection possibilities on all four outsides

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    VacEasy Vacuum pad set 1 with compressed air vacuum generator

    This set contains four 1212 VacEasy vacuum pumps, a suitable compressed air vacuum generator and a ..


    VacEasy Vacuum pad set 2 with vacuum cleaner adaptor

    This set contains four 1212 VacEasy vacuum pads, a suitable vacuum cleaner adapter and many useful ..


    To cover free holesFor vacuum tables 30305 piece..
    £18.00 ex tax
    The VT3020 R vacuum table provides quick and easy to tension and machine metal workpieces. Milled fl..
    £82.00 ex tax
    LG10035 - hole rubber mat for 10035Here you can order 5 spare hole rubber mats for the vacuum table ..
    £108.00 ex tax
    Our aluminium grade (5083) 20050 t-slot plate has a smooth underside and can be easily suctioned on ..
    £793.00 ex tax
    Specifications: Material: Aluminum External dimensions: 216 x 176 mm Clamping dimensions: 200 x 160 ..
    £126.00 ex tax
    Our finely milled steel 4030 t-slot plate is finished to the highest quality and exacting standards...
    £590.00 ex tax
    200 meters of foam rubber, 4mm in diameter. Suitable for all RAL vacuum tables tables and vacuum pad..
    £120.00 ex tax
    The vacuum table VT4020 R is quick and easy to tension and machine workpieces. Milled flat on both s..
    £98.00 ex tax
    10 metres of 1" connection hose..
    £67.00 ex tax