Vacuum Tables for Metalworking

Vacuum Tables for Metalworking
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Here you will find vacuum tables for CNC metal working of all kinds. You can also CNC machine plastic or wood on these tables if you wish.

Here are some hints that will help you to find the right vacuum table for you.

GAL Series

These vacuum tables are extremely versatile.

They allow the milling of breakthroughs and are usually fixed to T-slot plates.

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GR Series

vacuum tables of the GR series provide not only a massive cast aluminium application, but also adjustable stop collars for repeatable serial production.

In addition, the GR vacuum tables can be combined to be gapless and modular.

The main highlight is the 100 mm thread grid within the suction surface.

This allows for example attaching tools like vices and clamps, without removing the vacuum table off the machine.

This provides enormous flexibility in the choice of tool and the work pieces that can be machined.

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Custom Vacuum Tables

We also offer bespoke tables sizes to suit all your cnc machining needs.
Choose dimensions, method of attachment, spacing and diameter of the thread grid for yourself.

Just send us an email or contact us.

R Series

The R Series vacuum table provides enormous clamping force with low requirement on the size of vacuum pump, but it is only possible to cut all the way through the work piece without loss of vacuum under certain conditions.

These tables are especially useful for engraving.

In our video section we show how to work with this type of table.

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RAL Series

The RAL Series vacuum table provides enormous clamping force even with a small vacuum pump.

They are very useful for engraving. The disadvantage is that you can only under certain circumstances mill all the way through your work piece.

They are made of cast aluminium and have a thread grid and work piece stop collar.

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Smart Series

The Smart Series vacuum table provides leak-optimized surface and therefore have low requirements on the vacuum pump.

They are also very flat.

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