Vacuum Tables for Paper & Foils Working

Vacuum Tables for Paper & Foils Working

We manufacture 2 different types of vacuum tables specifically designed for CNC working film, paper and foil.

These vacuum tables are also suitable for other thin and flexible materials.

FAL Series

The FAL Series vacuum table is for clamping very thin flexible material, suitable for clamping very thin and flexible material.

This is possible because the top plate has very small through bore holes and so fine material can't be sucked in.

Furthermore, the table is made of solid cast aluminium and so provides for a very high level of precision.

The main areas of application are:

  • Fine plastic films
  • Thin and flexible sheets
  • Paper
  • Thin wood e.g. veneer

MP Series

The vacuum table MP series are made from Metapor, sintered aluminium and feature an air-permeable sintered aluminium vacuum plate (a microporous, air-permeable sintered aluminium).

The key advantage of an MP vacuum table is the completely flat and totally uniform vacuum surface.

It's impossible for the workpiece to be sucked in at any point and clamping film and other thin materials is incredibly easy.

Custom Vacuum Tables

We also offer bespoke tables sizes to suit all your cnc machining needs.
Choose dimensions, method of attachment, spacing and diameter of the thread grid for yourself.

Just send us an email or contact us.

Diameter: 6.0mmType: NC Spotting DrillOverall length: 66.0mmLength of cut: 20.0mmShank diameter: 6 ..
£3.82 ex tax
Diameter: 7.1mmType: 820502 Heavy Duty Cobalt Stub Drill Overall length: 74mmCutting length: 34mmMa..
£2.10 ex tax
Diameter: 9.5mmType: : 810504 HSS TiN Coated Jobber DrillOverall length: 133.0mmCutting length: 87.0..
£3.32 ex tax
Diameter: 6.4mmType: : 810504 HSS TiN Coated Jobber DrillOverall length: 101.0mmCutting length: 63.0..
£1.49 ex tax
LG2016 - hole rubber mat for 2016Here you can order 5 spare hole rubber mats for the vacuum table 20..
£12.00 ex tax
Diameter: 11.1mm Type: 808323 2 Fluted Carbide DrillOverall length: 118mmCutting length: 71mm Shank ..
£42.30 ex tax
Diameter: 8.0mm Type 4 Fluted Autolock End Mill 307201 Quantity 1 off Overall Length 63.5mm Cutting..
£6.73 ex tax
Our aluminium grade (5083) 5040 t-slot plate has a smooth underside and can be easily suctioned on t..
£157.00 ex tax
Diameter: 6.7mmType: 800303 Carbide Stub DrillOverall length: 70mm Cutting length: 31mmShank type: S..
£14.05 ex tax
Diameter: 2.9mmType: 810505 Heavy Duty TiN Coated Cobalt Jobber DrillOverall length: 61.0mmCutting l..
£0.95 ex tax
Diameter: 2.7mmType: 820502 Heavy Duty Cobalt Stub Drill Overall length: 46mmCutting length: 16mmMa..
£0.79 ex tax
Diameter: 11.7mmType: : 810504 HSS TiN Coated Jobber DrillOverall length: 142.0mmCutting length: 94...
£4.80 ex tax
Diameter: 4.0mmType: 2 Fluted Standard Series Overall length: 52 5Cutting length: 9.5mm Shank type..
£5.33 ex tax