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DIY CNC starter kit 1

DIY CNC starter kit 1


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Our DIY CNC vacuum starter kit  01 features a cast aluminium R Series Grid vacuum table,  venturi adapter and our special clamping force booster.

All you need is a simple garage compressor and off you go.

The R series vacuum table combined with the Venturi adapter provides a huge clamping force, typically -0.8 BAR!

So you are able to achieve an 80 percent vacuum which is perfect for cnc machining.

You cannot cut all the way through with the R series table without use of the adapter mat which is included with the table.

For an almost incredible holding force you can use this amazing product called clamping booster!

They are small granules of plastic. Simply warm them up in a pan to around 60 degrees celcius.

The plastic will become malleable and you can then place it round the part you are working. Wait for it to cool and you will get a force that no other table can match.

When you are done, just reheat the plastic and you can reuse it!

Starter kit 1 includes:

    Technical details:

    R Series Grid vacuum table 3020

    • External dimensions: 312 x 212 x 12 mm
    • Clamping area: 300 x 200 mm
    • Height: 20 mm
    • Suction points: 2
    • Material: Aluminum
    • 6 mm round clamping base

      Venturi adapter VT-VE1

      Our Venturi vacuum generator VT-VE1 provides five times more holding force than that of a standard vacuum cleaner.

      • 93% vacuum 920 mbar
      • 1.6 m³ / air flow (high volume)
      • 44 lpm consumption
      • Best operating pressure 5 Bar

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