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Liquid ring pump L.S.V.U.25 - ST

Liquid ring pump L.S.V.U.25 - ST


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The liquid ring pump  L.S.V.U. 25- ST is particularly suitable for use in machining centres with a large quantity of coolant .

The pump uses the liquid to provide compression and automatically separates out surplus swarf.

This liquid is then returned to the coolant tank of your machine again.

View our video page to see how the pump is set up.

Technical data:

Engine power: 0,75 Kw 3 ~ 400V 50Hz

Engine speed: 2800 rpm

Liquid output: 250 litres / hour

Nominal displacement/volume flow: 24 m³/h

A minimum 100 litre coolant tank is required.

** Our liquid ring pumps are rated at both 230V and 400V - our range of industrial CNC vacuum pumps and generators suit almost all requirements.

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