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Manual Liquid separator MFA09 for vacuum pumps

Manual Liquid separator MFA09 for vacuum pumps


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This fully aluminum-made, high quality liquid separator is used to keep liquids away from the vacuum pump.

The separator is connected between the vacuum table and the vacuum pump, and it also serves as a vacuum manifold for driving of the individual chambers. Through the built-in sight glass, you always see when it needs emptying.

Located on the top of the manifold is a compressed air connection making it easy to drain the fluid. Next to this is a mounted pressure relief valve which prevents excessive pressure from damaging the manifold.

Technical Details:
Ball Valves: Up to ten ball valves for controlling the vacuum chambers
Vacuum Fittings: Suitable for many hose sizes for example 6, 8, 10, 12mm outer diameter
Vacuum connection: Suitable from 3/8 "to 1 1/2"
Relief Valve: Opens at 1 bar pressure
Capacity: 9LIncluded with the manual liquid MFA09 with the required number of ball valves, hose connections, manometer, sight glass and pressure relief valve.

Please specify when ordering in the comments box, how many connections they need, and what size should have this.

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