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Premium Vacuum clamping Kit 5030

Premium Vacuum clamping Kit 5030


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Our 5030 RAL Premium vacuum clamping kit contains all you need to get started with your CNC vacuum clamping project.

This kit features our premium RAL Series 5030 vacuum table and all accessories you need to get started.

Our premium kits include:

1 x 5030 RAL Series vacuum table

1 x Venturi VT-VE1.5 vacuum generator

1 x Clamping force booster (0.5 Kg)

1 x Vacuum manifold

1 x Connection hose set

1 x Foam rubber cord

1 x PVC adapter mat

Technical Data
MaterialCast Aluminium
External dimensions (mm)516 x 316 x 20
Clamping dimensions (mm)500 x 300 x 20
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