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Vacuum pump DST 8

Vacuum pump DST 8


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The Vacuum pump DST 8 operates on oil free, completely dry compression with self-lubricating vanes made from graphite carbon.

Reliable operation with robust design and high quality as standard.

This pump can be certain to work reliably and efficiently with almost zero maintenance required since it has sealed lubricated bearings.

The pump is economical, eco-friendly and can work either as a vacuum pump or a compressor to lift heavy work pieces into place.

Large amounts of noise and heat at the working area of the CNC machine centre is always a problem.

It is suggested that for most working practices the pump should be placed as far away from the machining control panel as possible.

With this pump it’s easy to accomplish as we supply a switching box to work the pump, which can be fixed to the control area.

You can fix the box using two screws to a suitable surface and then simply place the pump in an area that is not near to any workers or staff meaning you have a safe and reliable operation. 

We supply 4 metres of cable giving plenty of flexibility to ensure the pump is not going to be tripped over or cause a health and safety issue.

** This pump is available at 240 Volts.

Technical Data
Nominal displacement/volume flow8 m/3 an hour
Ultimate Pressure hPa (mbar)120
Noise level (DIN 45635)* 50Hz dB(A)60
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