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X-VAC Vacuum T-slot plate 5030

X-VAC Vacuum T-slot plate 5030


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Solid carbon steel

Inclusive vacuum generator VTVE 2 and monometer

18mm T-Slots according to DIN650 in both axes

Workpiece stops on all sides

 Our X-VAC C45 carbon steel high end and hybrid clamping system is ideal for heavy duty machining. The clamping system consists of a cross T-slot plate (18 mm slots) with retractable vacuum cups. X-VAC ensures vibration free heavy duty machining by combining its two methods of clamping.

The X-Vac clamping system has minimalist stops at all axis therefore the contour of the workpiece remains largely free for machining. For this purpose, special T-nuts are pushed in the T-slots up to the edge of the workpiece.

The suction cups can be closed quickly (without tools) so the plate can be used as a standard, solid, cross T-slot plate.

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