Case Study

Case Study

We were asked by a client to produce a custom heated table to facilitate the production of new technology in the wind turbine sector.

The requirement was to build a large table constructed of 5083 grade Aluminium which required a completely flat surface and was able to reach and maintain a temperature range of between 100 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius.

The temperature had to be completely even across the whole surface with no deviation resulting in hot or cold spots.

We built a specialist controller to monitor the temperature (PLT) with sensors located on each module or section of the table to give an accurate reading of the temperature. It was required that the table heated in a relatively short cycle to achieve the desired temperature, so we installed a number of heating elements on the underside of the table which were insulated so that the heat was directed towards the underside of the top plate. PT100 sensors were installed to monitor the temperature.

To support the table we had to construct an aluminium frame for which it was critical to be level and accurate across the whole length. If the table were to be uneven it would result in potential issues with heat transfer resulting in problems for the client.

The control box or PLT had to be made to an exacting standard and the electrical components needed to be wired accurately and safely for the client with the correct power to manage the system.

The controller would be able to monitor the temperatures of the table with each individual section reporting to the (PLT )the accurate reading and temperature.

An emergency stop function was added to ensure that if there were any errors these could be safely managed and reported. 

The vacuum was supplied using a large oil filled pump manufactured by Briwatec producing 99.5 % vacuum or -0.995 bar with over 100 m/3 flow per hour.

This solution ensured the whole area of the table had sufficient flow to maintain a high vacuum whilst at the same time a large flow rating to cover the whole surface.

This is just one of the many projects we have completed for clients over the years. We have extensive knowledge on manufacturing projects for many industries, be it for large machining centres requiring vacuum clamping for their HAAS, Hurco mills etc, or for Biomedical research industry.

Our projects are as varied as our customers, and we will work with clients to find the correct solution for their needs.

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