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Our premium vacuum kits are the best value, best quality All In One vacuum solutions on the market. There's no need to buy an expensive vacuum pump, all you need in addition is a compressor capable of producing 45 litres per minute of clean air at 5 bar of pressure and that’s it!

What’s in the box?

 So how does it work?

You'll be up and running in no time once your kit arrives. Simply fix your vacuum table to your T slot by attaching the existing clamps on your machine to the lip around the bottom of the table.

Add the airline to the vacuum generator supplied, remove one of the grub screws from the surface of the table, create a seal with the cord supplied, place your part ready for machining and turn on the compressed air.

It's that easy - you’re good to go! With only a low requirement on the compressor, even a basic home workshop compressor will work with these kits.

 What's Clamping Force Booster (CFB)?

CFB is an innovative new product that we supply with our kits to increase vacuum holding force for parts that are usually too small for a vacuum table or that have an irregular shape

Our All in One DIY starter kits provide everything you need to get going on your CNC projects. All you need is a simple garage compressor and off you go.

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