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Vacuum pad VP 1010 T-Nut Set

Vacuum pad VP 1010 T-Nut Set

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With this high-quality set you get a complete system.

Included in the set are four Vacuum pads, a compressed air powered vacuum generator, a manometer for pressure monitoring, four T-nuts and of course all the necessary connections, blanking plugs and hoses.

The pads have a slot for M6 screws in the middle, the elongated hole allows the position of the pads to be moved to various positions on your T slot or work bench, thus ensuring flexibility in the size of the workpiece.

Technical data per Pad:
Material: Aluminum
External dimensions: 100 x 100 mm
Height: 20 mm

Standard OD 6 mm hose connections for Sponge rubber cord: 6 mm diameter


VTVE1 Venturi vacuum generator:
85% vacuum (high differential pressure)
1.5 m³ / h suction volume (relatively high volume)
40-50 lpm at 4 bar (low consumption)

Holding force is 5 times greater than that of a vacuum cleaner. 3

Connection of the pads is via a 6mm hose with external fittings.

The air supply should be clean and dry at all times.

1 set of tubing
4 pcs M6 T-nuts
1 pcs manometer
Blanking plugs and connectors
Foam rubber to create the vacuum seal

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