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Our HPC vacuum Pads made from tempered cast Aluminium provide huge levels of force for all your machining requirements.

They come in two sizes, and you can buy them individually or as a kit.

These pads are extremely useful as they allow you the flexibility to machine small parts using just one Pad or you can link them together to make a series of them.

This will allow you machine all the way through with no chance of loss of vacuum providing you do not touch the pad with your tool.

With these types of PADS you can really push the envelope of what can be achieved with a standard vacuum clamp.

By adding the tension foil to these you can create a HUGE holding force allowing you to work materials such as Steel that otherwise would not be possible with pads of this size under normal circumstances.

Utilising compressed air there is no need for an expensive vacuum pump. You can simply add the airline to the venturi adaptor (supplied in the kit or purchased separately) turn the compressor on, open the valve on the Venturi and you are good to go.

To release the vacuum simply just close the valve on the venturi and the compressed air will force the part to be released off the HPC pad you have your machined part.

All the pads can be used with coolant out of the box so you do not need to worry about coolant damaging anything.

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