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Finely Milled Steel T-slot plate 8050

Finely Milled Steel T-slot plate 8050


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Our finely milled steel 8050 t-slot plate is finished to the highest quality and exacting standards.

Made from C45 grade steel this t-slot plate has a profile height of 20 mm (0.78").

Making it easy to mount with vices, clamping towers, mounting angles and anything else you wish to clamp.

Dimensions: 800 mm (31.49") x 500 mm (19.68")

Profile height: 20 mm (0.78")

T-slot spacing: 50 mm (1.96")

Tolerance / Accuracy: +/- 0.01 mm / 200 mm

Technical Data
Dimensions (mm)800 x 500 x 20
MaterialC45 Steel
H1 (mm)6.5
H2 (mm)8
D (mm)50
A (mm)10
C (mm)16
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