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Vacuum pump DST100

Vacuum pump DST100


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The rotary vane DST100 pump operates on the proven vane principle without the use of lubrication.  They are absolutely free of oil and feature a powerful fan to ensure good heat dissipation from the motor and pump body.

Also available with silencer

Significant advantages of the vacuum generator are:

  • Oil free through completely dry compression with self-lubricating vanes made of special carbon
  • Reliable operation with robust design and high quality standards
  • Maintenance free by surface cooled drive motor permanently lubricated bearings
  • Economical due to low energy demand
  • Works as a vacuum pump or compressor
  • Eco-friendly by lubricant free compression and low noise operation
  • Compact by directly mounted on the motor flange pump body and overhung rotor

These dry running vacuum pumps are built to the latest technology and the recognised safety rules.

Designed for use in rough vacuum areas they can be used for suction or pumping air and dry gases, which are not aggressive, toxic or explosive.

Now includes a switching device for convenient control of your vacuum pump.

As noise and heat generation at the operator position builds you usually want the vacuum pump positioned as far away from the control station.

This is with the help of this switching device, our vacuum pumps are fitted with switching devices as standard.

Nominal pumping speed / flow 50Hz m3 / h -> 100

Final pressure hPa (mbar) -> 120

Motor Power kW 50Hz -> 3

Rated motor speed 50Hz min-1 -> 1400

Sound pressure level (DIN 45635) * 50Hz dB (A) -> 75

** This pump is available at 240 Volts.

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