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Vacuum table VT2616 SEAL

Vacuum table VT2616 SEAL


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The VT2616 SEAL vacuum table can be operated either with a dedicated vacuum pump or with a decent vacuum cleaner.

An adjustable vacuum nozzle adapter is provided which can be adjusted between 1 "and 1.75".

Better results can be achieved with a dedicated vacuum pump.In addition, each module can be switched off individually with a ball valve.

The holding force is proportional to the covered area, the friction coefficient and the differential pressure.

To increase the frictional coefficient a perforated rubber mat is supplied as standard.

A cover mat is also included which serves as protection for the vacuum plate when workpieces are milled.


Material: aluminum, polyethylene

External dimensions: 270 x 160 mm

Clamping surface: 260 x 160 mm

Height: 29 mm

Spacing: 10 x 10 mm

Connections: 9 mm internally calibrated

Face Milling Reserve: 4 mm

Adapter mat: rubber hole

Hose connections: 2

The package includes:

Vacuum table VT2616 SEAL

1 pc connector adapter

1 piece wrench 68mm

1 pcs hole rubber mat

1 piece for covering unused holes

2 pcs hose connection


Technical Data
MaterialCast Aluminium
Clamping dimensions (mm)260 x 160 x 29
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